Founded in 2014 in Wake Forest, NC, DocuRep provides vendor and contract worker credentialing and compliance services for the healthcare industry. Our purpose is to help physician practices, integrated groups, ancillary care facilities, and Healthcare Providers streamline the process of monitoring vendors and contractors, ensuring compliance with business and regulatory requirements.

DocuRep is comprised of professionals from various industries, including medical, financial, corporate, data science, software engineering, cyber fraud, the military, and customer service.

We are Compliance Driven!

Our technology is engineered to drive compliance by providing comprehensive tools for all aspects of your vendor credentialing program, from customizing requirements and validating access to monitoring visits and analyzing data. In addition, we strive to help vendors and contractors meet requirements so they may achieve a compliant status in a timely manner.

Customer Centric

DocuRep is customer focused and provides the best in class support along with an excellent user experience. All of DocuRep’s customers are important to us and we value feedback from all users, including healthcare providers and staff, vendors and contractors, and representatives. We believe an effective vendor credentialing program strives to understand the roles and business objectives of ALL participants.

The DocuRep Mission

Our mission is to provide the most trusted and comprehensive solutions for vendor and contractor compliance in the healthcare industry. With a dedication to superior software, end-user functionality, and an unparalleled level of customer service, DocuRep seeks to be the leader in helping organizations and facilities provide a safer environment for patients, providers, and staff.